Yoga Pulse Workshop - 8th February 2017 - Forward Bends

This 5 hour workshop consist of a deliciously long and insightful yoga class aimed at moving into forward bends with integrity and will be followed by time to have any questions answered and to explore some of the techniques that make Dynamic Yoga so incredibly beneficial.

More information to follow soon..

Dynamic Yoga Immersion Module 6, Jersey 25th - 28th March 2017

Dynamic Yoga Immersion Modules are taught in Jersey, Channel Islands. Module 5 was completed in June 2015 and Module 6 will begin in November 2016. These modules are taught and led by Senior Trainer Olivia Crooks.

Olivia Crooks is one of only two Dynamic Yoga Senior Trainers whose ongoing contribution to the development of The Dynamic Yoga Training Method is invaluable.

Module Six coming 25th - 28th March 2017, Workshops are open to all interested, all levels are welcome.


This immersion will focus on using movement progressively to prepare muscles and joints for the challenging complexity of assymetrical standing postures, so that their potent benefits are not lost in struggle, collapse or tension.

This includes a wide range of adapted variations of, as well as, the Classical standing postures familiar from the legacy of Krishnamacharya.


Based entirely on action and experience, the Dynamic Yoga Immersions constitute a comprehensive grounding in yoga posture praxis that can serve as a powerful basis for both satisfying self-praxis and effective teaching. Led by Senior Dynamic Yoga Trainer Olivia Crooks each of the modules are complete and supported by comprehensive notes on yoga posture praxis. Each module can be attended individually.

Yoga Pulse Yoga Retreat, Malaga, Spain 22nd – 28th April 2017 - FULLY BOOKED

Come and experience Dynamic Yoga with Henrietta in sunny Spain!

Set in a superb location, a place of spectacular natural beauty, with breathtaking views and truly experience living in harmony with nature.

Nestling in the Andalucian Mountains, 815 metres above sea level, Punto de Luz is within walking distance from the traditional Spanish white hamlet of El Cañuelo. With mountains on three sides, the centre rests beside an open valley with a grand vista of both Lake Viñuela and the Mediterranean Sea.

Guest rooms are arranged around a central patio area separate from the core building, creating the perfect environment for absolute comfort and relaxation. Each guest enjoys en-suite accommodation and unlimited use of our fantastic salt water swimming pool.

Delicious nutritious vegetarian cuisine of the highest quality is on the menu. Meals are lovingly prepared using local seasonal produce and, with a Mediterranean flavour, recipes are a clever blend of modern and traditional fare.

The opportunity to indulge in one of several holistic therapies enhances the Punto de Luz experience. Massage, Reiki and healing complement the retreat activities perfectly. Personalised consultations with a nutritional therapist are also available.

Dynamic Yoga Workshops

Dynamic Yoga Workshops are held in Jersey throughout the year, typically Saturday am/pm and Sunday am. These workshops will differ in themes but in them we will explore and enquire into some of the different aspects of yoga posture practice. These workshops are taught by Henrietta.

Workshops are open to everyone!


Wednesday 2nd November, 9am - 2pm

Through thorough step by step instruction (vinyasakrama), enquiry and exploration, you will find out what, why and how to support and nourish your joints during your yoga posture practice.

This is a 5 hour workshop which will consist of a deliciously long and insightful yoga class. There will be a break of about 45 minutes to have a light snack. Followed by time to have any questions answered and to explore some of the techniques that make this form of yoga so incredibly beneficial.

Godfrey Devereux Yoga Workshop - 10th - 12th June 2016

Godfrey is back in Jersey for a weekend workshop from 10th - 12th June 2016. Godfrey's contribution to the science and art of yoga is unique and ongoing, having given us the power and delights of ullola, xandranamaskar, the dynamics of integrity, the seven universal actions, sarvangabandha, suxmarexaka, suxmapuraka, rexakasvarupa, purakadirgha, the five realisations of relationship and much, much more to support your praxis and your life....

Friday, 10th June 2016 18:30 to 20:30 - Free talk on THE TANTRIC ROOTS OF YOGA POSTURE PRACTICE with Godfrey Devereux - yoga master and founder of the Dynamic Yoga Method.

The human body, as an extension of nature is an expression of the feminine principle. Yoga posture praxis cannot work if it is approached, even if only unconsciously, as a patriarchal, ascetic practice of transcendence. This talk will explore the tantric roots of yoga posture praxis and the deep fertility of the pleasures, obvious and subtle that it can provide.

DYNAMIC YOGA IMMERSION- Saturday, 11th June 2016, 10.00-13.00, 14.30-17.00

The Dynamic Yoga Training Method is a sequential progression of dynamic meditation that allows you to effortlessly integrate body, mind and spirit. It does so by releasing the intelligence of mind, body and consciousness from their habituated limitations. This process begins on the mat with progressive and refined movements that recalibrate the whole body. It ends on the cushion as a deepening intimacy with the depths and subtleties of your own nature in sustained stillness. This immersion involves both yoga posture practice and meditation. Open to all.

Sunday, 12th June 2016 10.00-13.00, 14.30-17.00 - NOHANDS TANTRA IMMERSION

Madhyamika Tantra is a dynamic path to deep acceptance of life just as it is. This acceptance is made possible by learning to navigate the intensities of internal energies by which we are so often overwhelmed. By taking the middle path between indulgence and withdrawal, you will learn how to transmute overwhelming energies into the calming, nourishing delight of intimate awareness. This immersion involves very simple yoga posture practice, pranayama and meditation. Open to all.