About Henrietta

For over nearly two decades I have been practicing, studying in various capacities and teaching yoga. I am a Dynamic Yoga teacher, having recognised the intelligence of the body as the first and final authority for my teaching and using movement and the ‘Dynamics of Integrity’ as the core of my approach to teaching yoga posture practice. I am committed to ongoing training in the Dynamic Yoga Training Method to refine my ability to master the art of progressive instruction.Henrietta yoga posture

I started my yoga journey with the British Wheel of Yoga, and have tried and studied many forms of yoga over the years. I became frustrated because I knew that there was something crucial missing from my practice, but I wasn’t sure what it was. Many years ago I purchased a book written by a teacher called Godfrey Devereux and I decided to invite him over to Jersey to teach a workshop. Within minutes of practicing Dynamic Yoga, I knew that this was what I was missing from my practice. I am now on the heavenly journey of finding out what is truly happening in my body as I let go of all preconceived ideas about what I should be doing and allowing myself to just feel, to be in the moment.

I came to yoga because I thought it could be of help physically, emotionally, spiritually. I now know that Yoga is about self enquiry and discovering the innate wisdom within. That yoga posture practice is about what you can feel in your body and not about what you can do.

My teaching is clearly grounded in vinyasakrama (step-by-step instruction) which deeply supports the body within the postures and invites each person to become more intimate with their personal experience, as they journey towards a deeper relationship and understanding of the inherent intelligence of their body.

Dynamic Yoga is the only form of yoga that I know that protects the joints.