‘Yoga is a process of replacing old patterns with new and more appropriate patterns.’ 

– Sri T Krishnamacharya



I have been practicing, studying and teaching yoga for 20 years. I am a Seasoned Dynamic Yoga Teacher, having recognised the intelligence of the body as the first and final authority for my teaching and using movement and the ‘Dynamics of Integrity’ as the core of my approach to teaching yoga posture practice. I am committed to ongoing training in the Dynamic Yoga Training Method to refine my ability to master the art of progressive instruction.

I started my yoga journey with the British Wheel of Yoga, tried and studied many forms of yoga over the years, such as Iyengar, Astanga, Vinyasa to name but a few. Long gone are the days where I believed that yoga posture practice was about striving to be in a position or aspiring to be in a certain shape, yet I felt frustrated because I knew that there was something crucial, something fundamental missing from my practice and I didn’t know what it was, that is, until I discovered the Dynamic Yoga Method nearly a decade ago. The moment I heard my teacher Godfrey speak, I knew I had found what I was missing.

 In a typical yoga class we are taught how to shape make. We are instructed to place a body part here and another there to form a certain shape or pose. Dynamic Yoga is very different to other yoga styles in that aside from shape making, you learn how to ‘feel’ a pose through the embodiment of repetitive movements and the seven universal actions. Lengthening, broadening, softening and so forth. It is through these actions that you learn what is actually happening in your body. Dynamic Yoga is the only yoga I have ever practiced that protects our vulnerable joints. Every movement, sequence is guided sensitively and safely with emphasis on keeping the joints as soft and as quiet as possible. 

As we grow older, we let go of competitiveness, the striving to be where we think we ought to be and we become more accepting of where we are. Through Dynamic Yoga we learn to age gracefully and with fluidity. Yoga is not about flexibility and strength. Protecting the spine that keeps us upright throughout our lives is done through sensitivity to what we can feel in our joints. Let go of any preconceived ideas about what you think you should be doing and let yourself be taken on a delicious journey to comfort within your own body, to inner peace.

My teaching is clearly grounded in vinyasakrama (step-by-step instruction) which deeply supports the body within the postures and invites each person to become more intimate with their personal experience, as they journey towards a deeper relationship and understanding of the inherent intelligence of their body.

Embodied Resilience

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