Yoga as Self Practice

Yoga as Self Practice will present the basics of the Dynamic Yoga Method: The Dynamics of Integrity, The Seven Universal Actions and Xandranamaskar. Here you will be taught the foundation for self-practice and will be shown what the possibilities of practice are: movements, shapes, sequences and modifications.

This workshop is designed to give you a sense of direction towards a self-practice that can simultaneously nourish body and mind. It will have a clear focus on using movements and shapes to release, stabilise, strengthen and integrate the joints, while activating, strengthening and integrating the muscles.

You will be shown how to recombine a core group of movements and shapes to meet your changing and progressive needs. This workshop is suitable for all posture practitioners, from those who have much experience, to those who have very little.

USA Tour 2018 Locations and Dates:

Kissimmee, Florida 24th & 25th March

Orlando, Florida Date TBC