Embodied Resilience

‘Somatic Awareness is a practice for anyone who is interested. Each and everybody is endowed with an extraordinary intelligence. Through self-enquiry ‘somatic awareness training’ is the practice of uncovering and living from, the depths and power of that intelligence’

Embodied Resilience – Yoga and Mindfulness for the 21st Century

Somatic Awareness Training is at the core of Radical Ecology. The active expression of which is Somatic Retuning. This may be based on yoga posture practice, but it is (should be) very different in experience and effect. This difference rests on the presence of softenss. No matter how much vebal emphasis may be given by you to softenss your students are not responding in a vacuum. They are responding from within the “Yoga Zeitgeist?. This is a culture of unacknowledged passive aggression. In regard to posture practice this aggression is unavoidable whenever flexibility, strength, agility, alignment or any other imagined improvement in the body’s ability are targeted. This targeting is fundamental to yoa culture. This is what we must distance ourselves from the assumptions, protocols and dynamics of yoga. We are not using Somatic Retuning to improve, or even change the body in any way. We are using it to open pathways of love. That is all. That is it.

Somatic Retuning uses softness and pleasure to cultivate pathways of love, fearlessness and trust. It is completely free from any external goal or internal target and so deftly sidesteps the passive aggression that secretly accompanies all attempts to improve the form or capacity of the body in any way.

Somatic Intuning uses stillness and relaxation to deepen pathways of love, fearlessness and trust. It overtly prioritises the intelligence of the body so that the intelligence of the mind can relax and let go into the intelligent presence of consciousness.

Somatic Attunement uses relationship and sensitivity to stabilise pathways of love, fearlessness and trust. It prioritises your ability to feel the subtle so that the sense of independent individuality becomes deeply and securely contextualised within the embodied experience of otherlessness.


Retreat in Spain!

Retreat in Andalucía, Spain9 May 2020 has been cancelled due to Covid-19

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