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Dynamic Yoga (the Training Method) uses rhythmic repeated movements to prepare the body for genuine stillness in classical yoga postures. It is a complete methodology of somatic self enquiry that comprehensively re-calibrates body and mind, action and perception.

Dynamic Yoga

“Dynamic Yoga is a profound training method that was developed by yoga master Godfrey Devereux. It is a systematic exploration of the relationship between body, mind and consciousness as expressions of one unified intelligence. Relying on the inherent intelligence of the body, rather than flexibility, skill or strength, Dynamic Yoga allows anyone to enjoy a seamless transition from separateness to integration, without losing touch with what makes each one of us distinct and unique.


Dynamic Yoga teaches you to release tension to “soften” completely in any yoga posture while still maintaining the necessary muscular effort to maintain flow, good posture and good alignment. Muscles are toned, joints are mobilized, heat is generated and the cardiovascular system is challenged. This method of yoga practice can be applied to any of the more challenging yoga poses. There is a vast distinct difference between the short term rush of endorphins that follows a gymnastic yoga work-out and the higher state of consciousness that follows an authentic yoga practice.” 


Beginners and experienced students can practice dynamic yoga side by side. The core techniques of Dynamic Yoga can be applied to all popular styles of yoga posture practice. Visit Dynamic Yoga The Training Method for further information.


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Retreat in Andalucía, Spain

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