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Want a practice that is unique? Dynamic Yoga is based on sensitivity, and guided by softness. It emphasises what you can feel, rather than what you can do. 


Dynamic Yoga allows you to access the inherent intelligence of the bodi/mind through effortless action and offers an honest approach to the ancient tradition of yoga. 


Who can practice Dynamic Yoga? No matter what your age, experience, flexibility or strength this gentle but effective practice is suitable for everyone. Read students testimonials here.

“There is no wisdom outside you that is not already within you no love more potent than the love that you actually already are no permanent peace other than that necessitated by knowing beyond doubt where, who and what you are.”


– Godfrey Devereux 

Embodied Resilience

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Due to the Covid-19 virus, all Yogapulse classes have been suspended as we are urged to socially distance ourselves from one another to help prevent the spread of the virus.

As we contemplate spending most of our times indoors for the foreseeable future, more than ever we need yoga and mindfulness to help us through this difficult time, therefore, I am now live-streaming all of my classes.

Please visit our Online Yoga page to discover how to join me in a live Yoga session. Please keep checking back as new classes will be added. If due to the current crisis you are not able to afford the class please email me henrietta@yogapulse.co.uk

We are in this together, and we will rise above this crisis, stay home and stay safe :)