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‘What is so obviously different about The Dynamic Yoga Training Method is our generous and intelligent use of movement. What is not so obvious, but is just as significant, is our prioritisation of the spine. While forward bends and backbends may well support the spine indirectly by releasing and strengthening surrounding muscles, it is only genuine extensions that engage and strengthen the spinal muscles, and rotations that soften and release them. It is only when the spinal muscles are strong and free from tension that graceful posture, bearing and motion become fully possible. But a strong, mobile spine is only possible if all the motor joints are stable and free, and the motor muscles strong and integrated’



Yoga Retreat, Malaga, Spain from 9th – 16th May 2020 – FULLY BOOKED

Yoga Retreat, Malaga, Spain 9th – 16th May 2020


Yoga Pulse Yoga Retreat, Malaga, Spain 26th April – 3rd May 2019



Come and experience this yoga retreat with Seasoned Dynamic Yoga Teacher Henrietta in sunny Spain! Set in a superb location, a place of spectacular natural beauty, with breathtaking views and truly experience living in harmony with nature.


Nestling in the Andalucian Mountains, 815 metres above sea level, Punto de Luz is within walking distance from the traditional Spanish white hamlet of El Cañuelo. With mountains on three sides, the centre rests beside an open valley with a grand vista of both Lake Viñuela and the Mediterranean Sea.


Guest rooms are arranged around a central patio area separate from the core building, creating the perfect environment for absolute comfort and relaxation. Each guest enjoys en-suite accommodation and unlimited use of our fantastic salt water swimming pool.


Delicious nutritious vegetarian cuisine of the highest quality is on the menu. Meals are lovingly prepared using local seasonal produce and, with a Mediterranean flavour, recipes are a clever blend of modern and traditional fare.


The opportunity to indulge in one of several holistic therapies enhances the Punto de Luz experience. Massage, Reiki and healing complement the retreat activities perfectly. Personalised consultations with a nutritional therapist are also available.

Yoga Retreat In Spain!

Dynamic Yoga Retreat in Andalucía, Spain

26th April – 3rd May 2019 

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