I started yoga with Henrietta in my late 50’s as I needed to gain more flexibility in my body safely. I do lots of gym work and that combined with tennis and running has taken its toll on joints and ligaments. Despite being told I need a hip resurfacing, with Henrietta’s careful guidance we have managed to ease up the problem and I feel that it will be a few more years before I will go under the knife.


She is a natural yoga teacher. Very intuitive. Very knowledgeable and very easy to be with and learn from. The classes I attend are always full with good humoured comradely. She encourages us to feel a position and be comfortable with it rather than trying to push our bodies into something we perhaps are not ready for. I recommend her highly.

Jayne Van Neste

From her soft dulcet tones, quietly but gently explaining the precise movements; to the implicit mindfulness gained from concentrating on nothing but small, exact movements and yogic breathing – time passes in a flash.


She is an exemplary, gifted teacher, deeply knowledgeable, always willing to impart just that bit more to those who ask. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Henrietta’s dynamic yoga classes to anyone interested in living a more mindful way of life.

Sara Gascoigne

Yoga classes with Henrietta have been incredible in my road to recovery following having a disc removed in my lower back. Throughout my long treatment of seeing the orthopaedic surgeon, physio, chiropractor and oesteopath, all of these professionals have been amazed by the flexibility and movement I had…which can only be attributed to the yoga Henrietta has so patiently taught me. The medical professionals were impressed by the way I understood how to move and the intimacy I had with my back, all of which have been installed in my muscle memory through Henrietta.


Henrietta has infinite patience and understanding of our individual needs, strengths and weaknesses. I have absolute faith that Henrietta will help me to regain my full health. This time last year I could hardly walk, this week I have been running up stairs! I feel revitalised and completely relaxed in body and mind after yoga classes.

Gemma Rowley

I have been doing yoga with Henrietta for 2 years and can honestly say, having done lots of different types of yoga, that her dynamic yoga is the best and most enjoyable yoga I have done, not to mention being so beneficial.

Sally Ann Habin

Henrietta is a very knowledgeable yoga teacher. Who has a beautiful aura. Highly recommended.

Tasha B

With reference to Henrietta’s class on Thursday evening and Sunday morning. Such a fun and energising class! Absolutely loved it. Such an excellent teacher.

Jill V-B

Dear Henrietta, I hope that you have lovely Christmas and fun New Year my dear friend. You have been such an inspiration! I consider myself very lucky to have had such a good teacher. I got the best! Wishing you health, happiness and good fortune in 2016. Lots of love.


I’ve been practicing yoga, with Henrietta, regularly for just over a year now and can honestly say that we have so much fun. She has a relaxed, playful and always growing style and I often find myself laughing in our practice… which can only be a good thing but can be a little tricky when you’re standing on your head!


Over the years, I’ve been used to practicing more static forms of yoga, but when I discovered dynamic yoga with Henrietta, I fell in love with it. I find this wonderful feeling of calm and focus during our practice that comes from the constant movement linked with breath. That’s not to say I don’t get a great workout at the same time by the way! Another reason I love it, is that I can challenge myself and grow without having to worry about any of the horribly distracting and destructive, “I’m not as good as…” thoughts. Yoga for me, is a complete escape from all of those daily stresses and worries and is one thing I can do that will guarantee I come away feeling better.


Oh and did I mention the strength it develops?! Seriously, all you men out there who think yoga is for girls should do yourselves a favour and give it a try! It doesn’t matter if you aren’t flexible, that comes with time and it really doesn’t matter where you start from! What it will do is make you noticeably better in pretty much every other sport / activity you do!


Henrietta clearly and patiently guides you through constantly changing flows and is always varying the focus of the practice, which keeps things fresh and allows you to go deeper into your own practice. You’ll be surprised at how good you’ll feel after a hip opener practice… especially if you find yourself sat down a lot of the day! If you go often enough and pay attention you will come away with quite a detailed understanding of your body and how the various asanas (poses) affect it.


If you’ve ever thought about trying yoga, but were maybe a little nervous about it, my recommendation is go see Henrietta. You’ll quickly realise that you have absolutely nothing to worry about and absolutely everything to gain. Who knows, you might even make a few new friends along the way!

Justin R

I came along to Henrietta’s classes a couple of years ago with a ‘very mild’ interest in yoga. I had no expectations and much to my surprise, I really enjoyed it. I was truly lucky to have found such a good teacher!


Henrietta’s classes are always different, inventive, interesting and fun. She is always enthusiastic and her instructions are clear and easy to follow. I always feel physically good after her classes and was surprised by the mental impact yoga had on me.


Yoga makes me feel calm and relaxed. It makes me feel happy and I really appreciate the things I have in my life so much more now. I also see things with much more clarity. Henrietta is an outstanding yoga teacher. She is inspirational and her love for yoga, encouragement and support have inspired me to become a teacher of yoga.



Having been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and experiencing severe back pain some 2 years ago I decided to take up Yoga. I have found Henrietta’s classes extremely useful in aiding my ability to relax and reducing my pain and increasing my flexibility, mobility and general ability to cope.


The sessions at Quennavais are also very stimulating with lots of variety (not the same old routines every week) and fun also. I could not wish for more. Henrietta also stays very ‘up to date’. I love the experience and always feel ‘so good’ afterwards.


Thank you 

Jo (70)

Yoga Pulse is always fun and varied I like the way one practice is not strictly adhered to and instead the yoga is more free and flowing. I like the variation, no two classes are ever the same and its always relaxed and good fun.


Henrietta is a gifted yoga teacher. Her style is comforting yet challenging and extremely safe. As a fifteen year veteran of yoga, I believe some instructors are true teachers. Henrietta is a true teacher. I am thankful for her dedication to her students.


I have enjoyed going to Henrietta’s Yoga classes for six (7?) years now. I am a relatively fit sixty-one year old and at the time I started was looking for increased flexibility in my body as well as improving my relaxation techniques. The classes were great for both these things, but I also found additional benefits, in increased body strength, better posture and an altogether calmer outlook on life! The classes are varied and thoughtfully structured, giving the pupils all the benefits of Yoga practice.


My wife and I have been going to Henrietta’s classes for more than 5 years and they are an hour and half very well spent. I have never been particularly flexible and as someone with a history of back problems, galloping towards 60, I have found it very beneficial and touch wood I have had no recent back problems.


Henrietta’s classes are always changing and she has always clearly demonstrated every pose. The only problem is trying not to drop off during the relaxation at the end of every class! All in all – highly recommended!

Ian and Anita 

Henrietta’s classes are the perfect environment for you to relax, practice yoga, challenge yourself safely and have fun too. We have been attending her classes for the past 3/4 years and have gained flexibility as well as great de-stressing techniques!


Henrietta is calm and approachable and her supportive approach was a great help to us during a period of serious illness. We really enjoy the Dynamic practice and highly recommend Henrietta’s classes… they’re not to be missed!

Catherine and Richard

Henrietta has helped me enormously by providing me with a personally tailored yoga programme for my cardiovascular condition. In view of this I am now a convinced regular yogi.


I have progressed from vinyasa yoga to dynamic yoga. I have noted a chain reaction of motion between my muscles and posture, which flows more easily and effortlessly. The natural supports in my body have been awakened and help me carry myself through the day. This all, of course is linked to the breath, which flows deeper and brings with it calm and quietness, focus and strength.


Hello my name is Richa and I need to share with you my continuing yoga journey with the extraordinary Henrietta. I skirted around the concept of yoga for many years always thinking it wouldn’t be hard or intense enough for me, I was a high impact aerobics junkie. I could never have been so wrong in my life. It was destiny then that my first ever session of yoga with Hen which came about by absolute chance, came from a most gratefully received (I realize now) recommendation from a work colleague.


I can’t believe it really, but that was over 3 years ago now. And after that time I must say that my love and appreciation of Yoga & Hen has not become less, actually I would say that both continue to grow ever stronger the more I learn and practice.In my humble opinion I think Hen strikes a beautiful balance between a dynamic and yet gentle and somewhat spiritual practice. I find Hen incredibly caring and attentive to her students with regards to our level of experience, technique and injuries (be they new or existing).


One of the many things I adore about Hen’s style is that she takes elements from different types of practice and combines them in a flowing and graceful way which focuses on specific body areas each week and also manages to target those key flabby areas we all like or need to work on. Above all I appreciate her continual insistence in having absolute respect for our bodies during practice which borders on obsessive (this is a very important and good thing I promise you!!). Hen’s style of practice does not ruthlessly throw your body into positions it isn’t ready for or encourages you to over stretch into painful or uncomfortable positions. ‘Listen to your body’ is a key mantra, along with ‘Rest if you need to’.


Hen has a sense of professionalism tinged with an almost shy humour which shines through all she says and which makes attending her practice fun rather than something to be endured.It would be fair to say that meeting Hen has changed my life. I salute and thank you for all you have given and continue to give me. To all you out there reading this I would say….let this unassuming woman touch and possibly change your life forever as she has done mine.


March 2014 – Thank you Henrietta for the yoga classes. I absolutely love them, they put me back in touch with my soul. Your classes keep me flexible too and I find them hugely beneficial. I also like your style, your character/personality and that you apply different sequences each time which I find very interesting. This is something that is priceless.


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